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3600 PA Dual Action Tamp DAT Printer Applicator

The 3600-PA Dual Action Tamp (DAT) Printer Applicator is a high speed, thermal transfer labeler used to print and apply pressure sensitive labels that can be programmed for single or two panel labeling applications applied to various cartons, cases or pallets. The single panel can be applied to either the front or the side.Sato or Zebra print engine integrated into the applicator to print variable data.Can be mounted in almost any position to apply labels to the leading, side or trailing panels of various products. Mounting can be oriented up or down depending upon label size and position on the product.Short height actuator assembly allows the unit to reach over a conveyor to products which are not at the edge of the conveyor - 4" tall labels can be located 1/4" from the bottom of products.Right hand or left hand version for either side of conveyorUp to 7.1" wide labels, up to 6.6" print widthBuilt-in bar codes and alpha-numeric fontsProven tamp-blow applicationPLC controlUser-friendly operator interface with easy-to-read LCD displayQuick access to set-up parametersRugged and versatile for standard and custom applicationsEquipped with multiple onboard I/O signals prewired to external connectors

Specifications · Environmental · Product Sensing · Applicator Control




Label Width

Up to 7.1"

Print Width

Up to 6.6"

Approx. Weight

150 lbs.




108-132 VAC


5 amps


54/60 Hz


90 psi
3-5 cfm


Dependent Upon Line Configuration


RS 232, Parallel - Others Available

Printing Methods

Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal

Print Resolution

203 or 305 dpi, Dependent Upon Print Engine


Environmental (Operating)

(5ºC to 40ºC)
41ºF to 104ºF

Environmental (Storage)

(-20ºC to 40ºC)
-4ºF to 104ºF

Product Sensing
Photoelectric, PLC Input

Applicator Control
Micro PLC with Operator Key-Pad and 2-Line Display For Print Speed, Fonts, Bar Codes or Graphics.