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Looking for a new automatic label applicator system, for your warehouse or distribution center? The 3600 STAF (Servo Tamp Auto Fold) applicator provides an easy to implement process that is beneficial at all points of shipping - from point of origin to delivery.

Unlike many label applicators, the 3600 STAF uses a standard STAF core unit and a standard print engine for an easy retrofit - with no need to engineer expensive custom equipment. Standard hardware makes the modified assembly cost effective to maintain for the end user.

How it Works:
The 3600 STAF's unique design accommodates labels that include both shipping and packing information. It feeds them to the print engine before sending them onto a split pad that folds the label in half, with the shipping information facing outward and the packing information face down against the package surface. The Simplex printed, pressure sensitive label is then applied to the package, and the unit is ready for mail processing. Benefits:

  • The automatic label applicator streamlines the process, eliminating the need for repetitive pack slip work. This lessens the number of steps required to pack and ship each unit, resulting in cost and time savings.

  • Since all personal identifiers are removed at the point of receipt, security is improved and no unauthorized info tracking can be done by simply looking at the discarded package.

  • The specially designed label is easy to remove on the receiving end, and having the packing information ready at hand eliminates the need to immediately open the unit in search of a packing slip.

  • This printer applicator is manufactured, integrating a standard print engine unit - Sato, Datamax or Zebra - making maintenance easy and inexpensive.

  • Having the labeling printer applicator housed in a single unit means an increased pick rate; faster, more accurate shipping lines; reduced packaging errors; and no further need for printers at pick stations.

  • The unified print, fold, and apply process eliminates the requirements for separate packing slips and poly bags.

  • The label has an easy pull tab and instructions for the recipient. The label can be removed, the inventory reviewed, and the paperwork filed away or shredded, leaving no tracking information on the discarded packaging.

This printer applicator system is ideal for warehouses, distribution centers, online retailers, and more. The cost effectiveness of a 3600 STAF applicator becomes readily apparent when utilized in any packing and shipping setting.