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Print and Apply Label Applicators

Our selection of CTM PA’s - Printer Applicators, includes the 3600 Series and 1800 models.

Within the product offering of the 3600 Series, we offer the Straight Tamp printer applicator, Dual Action Tamp printer applicator, Cornerwrap printer applicator, Swing Tamp printer applicator, Integrated Loose Loop printer applicator, RFID RW printer applicator and Servo Tamp printer applicator. Any of these can be configured in both right hand and left hand application.

Assembled with a right or left hand Sato, Zebra or Datamax print modules of 203 dpi, 305 dpi, 400 dpi or 600 dpi, these units can be mounted in various positions to apply pressure sensitive labels to the tops, sides or bottoms of a multitude of products.

The 1800 PA – Printer Applicator is also a thermal transfer labeler for the entry level, low cost, “not so demanding” labeling applications – used to print and apply pressure sensitive labels to various products. A Sato LT 408 printer module is integrated into the 1800 applicator core unit to form a self-contained printer applicator to print variable data to the label then apply.

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3600RW RFID Label Printer Applicator
3600 PA Dual Action Tamp DAT Printer Applicator
Custom Printer Applicators
Integrated Loose Loop
1800PA Printer Applicator
3600ST Servo Tamp Printer Applicator
3600a PA Printer Applicator