How Ease of Integration is Key When Purchasing an Automatic Labeling System

Ease of integration is a “must” consideration for any plant manager contemplating a purchase of an automatic labeling system, especially as you make decisions about the specific components you purchase. From our sales experience to our manufacturing process, CTM ensures that the piece of equipment you purchase will integrate seamlessly into your workplace, designed specifically to meet the needs of your team and the projects they need to complete.

CTM offers a site survey, during which we encourage your staff to discuss your plant’s specific projects and their parameters. Key details about your site, your customers, and their needs will be relayed to our sales support staff, ensuring that our manufacturing team has every detail they need in order to produce a system that will fully integrate into your plant. We welcome photos and videos that will give us, literally, a clear picture of how your plant operates.

We also offer our customers a variety of types of print engines, each designed for specific tasks. Speaking with your sales support team member about our thermal transfer and direct thermal print engines will help you to make a decision about which type of engine is applicable to your project needs.

Our team will discuss with you the type of data you plan to print. Whether your plant needs a labeling system suited for static or variable print projects, all print specification requirements will be discussed and determined up front to assure the correct make and model of print engine is quoted.

CTM even offers a Swing Away Tamp Nose Assembly which allows the user the space needed to clean and maintain the print head, and facilitates the threading process. We take special care to design components which make the day-to-day operations of your plant just a bit easier and more productive.

Do you have more questions on how to easily integrate an automatic labeling system into your plant?
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Ed Schneider

Ed Schneider

Ed Schneider is the Director of Sales and Marketing for CTM Labeling Systems -- a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive labeling systems located in Salem, Ohio. He has held this role for over 10 years.

Prior to joining the team at CTM, Ed spent 22 years with a major plumbing manufacturer in Salem, Ohio where he held various positions during his professional development, ultimately holding the position of Plant Manager for 7 years prior to his departure and current position held at CTM.

Ed earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Malone University in Canton, Ohio where he received his degree in Business Management. Ed currently resides in Columbiana, Ohio with his wife Cindy.
Ed Schneider
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