What Every Plant Manager Knows: The Key to a Successful Purchase Lies in Manufacturer Credibility

A strong customer-manufacturer relationship is founded on mutual respect and excellent communication. As a plant manager, you want to be sure that the manufacturer of your next labeling system will be knowledgeable, dependable and there for you throughout the life of the system. CTM believes that the best way to ensure manufacturer credibility is to visit the manufacturer in person.

A comprehensive manufacturer’s tour should reveal the design and manufacturing capabilities, the sales and distribution services and the knowledge of the staff as a whole. When you leave the facility, you should have a strong impression that this is the manufacturer that will be with you long after you have purchased a labeling system.

During a CTM tour, you are given a clear picture of all of our capabilities. Every facet of our shop is open to you, from metal-cutting to pre-assembly and system checkout. In our demo room, we cover the different methods of labeling, concentrating on those that affect your specific needs. Our inside sales team is on hand for every tour so you can get a sense of how our team works in unison to fulfill your labeling system requirements. At the conclusion of the tour, we meet with you to answer in detail any questions you may have.

As you tour a manufacturer’s facility, you should get the sense that the manufacturer is organized, pays attention to detail and is committed to quality in every area of the facility. You should also note that the members of the manufacturer’s team possess expert knowledge of labeling systems. These are key signs of manufacturer credibility. At CTM, we noticeably take pride in our facility. The support we provide our customer base is “bar none”.

Manufacturer credibility is an important aspect in choosing your next labeling system. Several other factors should also be taken into consideration when making this important decision. To help you in the process, CTM has created a white paper explaining the top 10 things to know before procuring an automated printer applicator labeling system. The information detailed in this white paper will serve as a vital tool as you begin the process of selecting your next labeling system. We invite you to download our white paper today.

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Ed Schneider

Ed Schneider

Ed Schneider is the Director of Sales and Marketing for CTM Labeling Systems -- a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive labeling systems located in Salem, Ohio. He has held this role for over 10 years.

Prior to joining the team at CTM, Ed spent 22 years with a major plumbing manufacturer in Salem, Ohio where he held various positions during his professional development, ultimately holding the position of Plant Manager for 7 years prior to his departure and current position held at CTM.

Ed earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Malone University in Canton, Ohio where he received his degree in Business Management. Ed currently resides in Columbiana, Ohio with his wife Cindy.
Ed Schneider
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