What Makes CTM’s Top/Bottom Label Applicator Ideal for the Food and Beverage Industry?

While CTM’s 360a Top/Bottom Label Applicator provides a robust, reliable solution for customers who are required to label the top and the bottom of their products simultaneously, it is also an excellent choice for CTM’s customers in the food and beverage industry, due to its design and the quality of its materials.

Customers who produce within the food and beverage industry prioritize health, safety, and sanitization standards in their own plants, and therefore, they must seek out vendors who can provide them with the equipment they need to keep their plants running while also maintaining these standards. CTM’s Top/Bottom does exactly that, by boosting productivity due to its unique, simultaneous top and bottom labeling capabilities, and its stainless steel construction.

The material used by CTM in the construction of the Top/Bottom Labeler is stainless steel, which is essential for customers working with food and beverage products. The machinery is also unpainted, ensuring that paint never transfers to the products as well. The side frames of the two belt conveyors are completely flush, preventing dust, dirt, and bacteria from collecting.

The Top/Bottom Labeler’s adjustable guide rails are comprised of UHMW plastic and stainless construction.  The conveyor base is made with stainless steel tubing, stainless steel locking casters and stainless steel leveling pads.  These elements show an attention to detail in terms of the machinery’s design and construction.

Our food and beverage industry clients can feel comfortable knowing that this machinery will adhere to the strict standards upheld by the rest of their plants, allowing them to produce in safe and hygienic conditions. For more information on the Top/Bottom Labeler, please download our free equipment guide today.


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